So I got my first KnitCrate the other day, and I LOVE it!! KnitCrate is a monthly subscription service that will hook you up with luxury yarns, patterns to go with them by excellent designers (some of whom you probably already follow here on IG) both for knitting and crochet, and some additional swag. I didn’t want to share the pattern image in the video (since it’s a surprise!), but I will tell you that it’s a beautiful design and I’ll definitely use these yarns to make it! Visit KnitCrate’s website to check out their offerings, and if you’re interested in signing up then use the discount code KNITPHEN (all caps) and you’ll receive:

1. $40 off of your first crate.
2. 20% off on anything in the KnitCrate shop.
3. Then, at the end of your 3rd month, you’ll receive an additional $40 coupon.

And, of course, let me know what you make! Happy knitting, folks!

PS – Thanks @brooklynboyknits for making me aware of this awesome company!

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