Recess: Children’s Stories for Adults (A Jersey City Writers Genre Night)

Greetings, all!

It’s been a busy three months since my last post.  The start of the school year always demands my full attention, but a few months in and I usually find my groove.  Now I can manage to blog a bit.  Oh, and write a novel!  Finished the first draft of my second novel thanks to the kick in the pants provided by NaNoWriMo and the creative energy and support drawn from the hundreds of thousands of others who participated.

More on that later.

JCW Bear says, "Come to Genre Night in Jersey City, because I make a dirty martini that will change your life!"

JCW Bear says, “Come to Genre Night in Jersey City, because I make a dirty martini that will change your life!”

I’ve also been buoyed lately by the camraderie and smart, really useful criticism I’ve experienced through the Jersey City Writers.  Lots more on this wonderful writing group to come, but before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to invite you all to a really fun event the group sponsors.

Every other month they host a “genre night” where short works of a particular genre are chosen by a panel of judges to be read aloud by professional performers.  The next genre night — which happens to be tomorrow (12/2/15)! — is “children’s stories for adults.”  Here’s the description from their Facebook invitation:

Please join us for a whimsical literary reading event where you can pretend to be a kid again…because “adulting” is hard.

Think Curious George slaving in a cubicle, or Green Eggs and Ham and Boozy Brunch, or the Pevensie siblings discovering a nightclub in their wardrobe instead of Narnia. Plus candy, coloring and stuffed animals, because when you’re an adult, why not?

You know you want to, right?   Because you’re just never too old.

For all the details, click here for the Facebook invitation.

And even if you can’t make it for whatever reason, why not just go ahead and like the JC Writers page — your inner-child will shower you with gifts and joy if you do.

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